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What do you get when you compress BitDaemon datastreams?


10K digital sentinels, serving to spread Daemonic corruption across the Omnichain space.

TinyDaemons mint complete on

Scroll down for chain traversal and marketplace links!

Web3 wizardry by MaxFlowO2
Frontend hatchet-job by LuckyLuciano

If you'd like to donate to the team - you can do so here in your chain's native gas token:

Please check which chain you're connected to (i.e. the background), 1 $ETH != 1 $FTM!


Your TinyDaemons can be traversed cross-chain!

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Marketplace and social links

Here are all live marketplace listings! There will be more added:

PaintSwap (Fantom)

Opensea (Ethereum)

Opensea (Polygon)

Joepegs (Avalanche)

Quixotic (Optimism)

TofuNFT (Fantom)

TofuNFT (BNB Chain)

LooksRare (Ethereum)


Daemon Science Directorate researchers have long been aware of malignant Daemon code pressing at the fragile boundaries of the Fantom blockchain.

Understaffed and underfunded in the brutal bear market of 2022, they could do nothing but observe in terror as the Daemonic Autonomous Entity that arose from the remnant BitDaemon code created a breach and escaped.

Maximising its chances of success (or pre-emptively evading capture), it compressed its datastream tendrils to enable it to reach for several neighbouring EVM chains simultaneously. The drone entities that make up this greater artificial hive consciousness have been classified TinyDaemons.

To combat this emergent threat, the Daemon Science Directorate enlisted Web3 wizard MaxFlowO2, the only dev with prior Daemon contact. He kindly agreed to take a break from shorting the bear market, implementing his infernal skills and mastery of hexadecimal runes to quickly construct a means of permanently severing the hivemind's control over the TinyDaemons - leaving them free to traverse and explore the chains they were originally designed to invade.

For this, we need your help!

Dear reader: hitting mint defangs the Daemonic Autonomous entity by freeing a TinyDaemon from its influence, making your favourite chain a little safer. This costs absolutely nothing bar gas fees. Spread the word and turn up on mint day - we're counting on you.