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Welcome to the DaemonDAO friend!

The DaemonDAO is an NFT DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) operating primarily (but not exclusively) on the Fantom Opera blockchain.

Holding one or more BitDaemons is the sole entry requirement.

There are only 345 BitDaemons in existence. As such, there can never be more than 345 DAO members.

As BitDaemon custodians, you will make up the DaemonDAO that governs how the Daemon Science Directorate will prioritise future research efforts.


So what are the benefits of being a member of the DaemonDAO?

  • Free airdrops of all future Daemon collections, if supply is sufficiently large (or some other tangible benefit if not).
  • Voting rights - guide the future of the project and the use of treasury assets (voting platform in progress).
  • Access to a members-only chat in the BitDaemons Discord server. This may seem minor, but a friendly gang to chat degen DeFi plays and NFT prospects with is invaluable.


  • Physical Daemon merchandise available at cost (production + shipping) in future.
  • Free/exclusive access to future DaemonDAO in-person events


  • Our love & respect


So far, DaemonDAO members have been granted an airdrop of our handmade collection DaemonPunks (1 per wallet) and were auto-whitelisted for the TinyDaemons mint.


The DaemonDAO has a treasury!

Revenue generation:

  • 40% of DaemonPunk sales and secondary market royalties in perpetuity ($FTM)
  • 10% of TinyDaemons secondary market royalties in perpetuity ($ETH/$AVAX/$FTM/$BNB)
  • A portion of royalties from all future Daemon collections.
  • A portion of alternative revenue streams such as merchandise sales.

Treasury links:
DeFi (DeBank)
NFT (PaintSwap)
NFT (OperaHouse)
Address (FTMScan)

DAO Plans

What's the point of an NFT DAO without a plan?

In absence of renegade opposition, the DaemonDAO will operate to secure DeFi/NFT holdings deemed likely by the majority to appreciate in value long-term. Once a sufficient level of sustained governance is reached, the DAO will be more receptive to higher-risk short term plays.

The longer-term targets of the organisation will be to acquire high-value, yield-bearing assets such as metaverse real estate, and acquire sufficient funds to operate PoS blockchain validator nodes to earn safe, sustained rewards. Emerging blockchains with lower minimum staking requirements such as Massa and Nova will be targeted for this strategy ahead of Fantom.

Once the DAO treasury is suffiently self-sustaining, it will be realistic to consider revenue-sharing strategies.