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The BitDaemon team loves a good collab!

We've had some fantastic opportunities to collaborate on pieces with a wide range of NFT artists and projects. Check out some of our favourites below!

If you're an artist or involved in an NFT project and would like to collaborate with us then please get in touch!


The Daemon and DaemonPunk #128: Anon


Representing the creators in the space who work together to create and build.

Mz of AnonymousFTM is a sick pixel artist we'd been following for a while - community member Vencintocles suggested that we collaborate and the rest is history!

Marketplace links:
The Daemon (ANON #29)
DaemonPunk #128: Anon


Daemon Fantom Warrior and DaemonPunk #340: Lost Warrior


Many Daemons were lost in the aftermath of the Mass-Transit Event's premature end, confined in an unknown realm for eternity. Sensing the trapped energy radiating from that strange world, this almighty warrior sought to find and study it.

Back when BitDaemons were but a glint in my young eye, ACryptoniano of Lost Fantom Saga was making waves with his Lost Fantom Warriors collection. His approach to continually bringing value back to holders was a big source of inspiration for how we do what we do! When he reached out to collabrate, we didn't hesitate.

Marketplace links:
Daemon Fantom Warrior (LFW #197)
DaemonPunk #340: Lost Warrior


Welcome to the Metaverse and the First Daemon Netizen


Even after its journey across the cosmos to Sol, this Daemon's thirst for adventure was not sated. Thankfully, the wonders of the Metaverse beckoned...

The TombHeads auction house partnership with 8BitNostalgia led to their first themed auction! We were fortunate enough to be invited to contribute.

We decided to make a sick Daemon Netizen and beam it to the metaverse Pokémon-style (LuckyLuciano's first ever frame-animated creation!)

Marketplace links:
Welcome to the Metaverse (DMN #13)
The First Daemon Netizen (DMN #12)


Fantom Drugz #34-38 and FD: Dealerz #5 & 18


The DaemonDAO DOES NOT endorse recreational drug use, unless said drugs are a) legal and/or b) cool.

When K000LAidMan of Weaponized Countries approached us asking for contributions to a free-mint pixel art collection called Fantom Drugz - how could we say no? We designed 5 posters for the Drugz collection - 4 featuring unused Precursor BitDaemon designs and one with the first-ever tease of our then-upcoming collection DaemonPunks (left). A couple months later, we returned to design a Daemonically-corrupted character for their Fantom Drugz: Dealerz collection (right). Looking forward to Gen III lads!

Marketplace links:
Fantom Drugz 34-38 (FDR #34-38)
FD: Dealerz 15 & 18 (FDD #15 & 18)


Poxxy Skull 074


The Daemon Skull

Our friends at TombHeads' auction house set up a collab-only event where they paired up the regularly attending artists - we ended up matched with Poxxy and couldn't have been happier! The gnarly designs of his Skulls lend themselves nicely to Daemonic influence. We designed the background and sent it through, he came back a day or two later with this crazy animated Daemon Skull.

Marketplace link:
Poxxy Skull 074 (PXY #83)


The Daemon BinaryPunk and the Binary BitDaemon


01101010 01101111 01101001 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100100 01100001 01100101 01101101 01101111 01101110 01100100 01100001 01101111

We first encountered Jmcadg of BinaryPunks when he was putting out the call for community artists to produce artist rare backgrounds for the BinaryPunks collection! Hit him up immediately and together designed the Daemon BinaryPunk for their mint!

This was such a positive experience that in the build up to the BitDaemon mint, we invited Jmcadg to mash a Punkified BitDaemon with his binary code - resulting in the 1/1 Binary BitDaemon Precursor.

Marketplace links:
Daemon BinaryPunk (PUNKS #4411)
Binary BitDaemon (BDMN #31)


$FANG Daemon


This fearsome Daemon was separated from the horde in the chaos of the Mass-Transit Event, finding refuge in an uncharted subterranean domain. In assimilating the chiropteran appearance of Potluck Protocol's mascot, it also manifested their drive to build on Fantom.

As many Fantom-native creators would surely echo, TrueVoodoo of Potluck Protocol has been a vocal supporter of the Daemons in our early days. After providing us with helpful advice (and even gifting us free NFTs with which to run giveaways), we decided to create a custom Daemon for Potluck (minted on our side collection contract) to say thanks. Behold, the fearsome $FANG Daemon.

Marketplace link:
$FANG Daemon (DMN #21)


ArcAyn X Creatures of the Cave


Back to the lab...

ArcAyn contributed these extra-trippy rare artist backgrounds to both PotluckLabs' genesis collection Creatures of the Cave (CotC), and CotC Gen II.

You wanna see just the backgrounds too? Don't blame ya - go on then. Fantom logo and the all-seeing eyes:


Marketplace links:
ArcAyn X CotC
ArcAyn X CotC II: Mutants
ArcAyn X CotC II: Zombies


ArcAyn & Gui Collab Banner


Daemon damned if ya do, Daemon damned if ya don't

During PotluckLabs' Creatures of the Cave Gen II mint, ArcAyn was lucky enough to land a artist rare background made by the one and only Gui! They got to talking and whipped together this mashup banner on the same night.

Check out Gui's main collection GSC Originals here.

Marketplace link:
ArcAyn & Gui Collab Banner (GSCS #32)


Fantom Frog Family #13


Ribbit ribbit

Squirtle of FTMFroqorion has our respect in the space as a project lead doing right by their holders. In the early days when building his genesis collection Fantom Frog Family, he reached out for advice and we ended up offering to Daemonise a frog in his collection. Lucky did the character, and Squirtle shot right back with this dope pixel rendition of a BitDaemon portal sphere!

Check what he wrote about us as well - whatta guy:


Marketplace link:
Frog 13 (FFF #13)


The Daemon Punk and DaemonPunk #344: Raph


Watch out for Shredder...

DarkWolf, creator of Turtle Punks (and CryptoSnails - man's obsessed with slow creatures on the fastest blockchain) got in touch just ahead of the final DaemonPunk release and we agreed to do a piece for each other's collection.

Super happy with how both turned out: The Turtle Punks template is hella original and was a pleasure to riff on, and Raph is a standout addition to the DaemonPunks collection.

Marketplace links:
Daemon Punk (TRTLP #51)
DaemonPunk #344: Raph


Neon DaemonPunks


Neon chillin'

When we were about halfway through the DaemonPunks collection, we were approached by Sam of NeonShadowPunks to do some mashup punks - no-brainer right? As the NeonShadowPunks collection was already complete, 5 Neon DaemonPunks were designed by us (using some NSP background assets) and minted in the official DaemonPunks collection.

Marketplace link:
Neon DaemonPunks


Fantom Freidos Club #6 and #7


Ribbit ribbi-wait where'd you go?!

Fantom Freidos Club was one of the first projects to ever approach us for a collab! We took their froggy template and whipped up these two Daemonic monstrosities. Unfortunately, the project was abandoned after their mint stalled, leaving the team with insufficient funds for their roadmap.

I choose to include this here either way as making these helped us realise how iconic Daemon attributes could be translated to other characters - an important step in our collaborative journey.

No marketplace links will be provided as the project/collection is abandoned!