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BitDaemons Collection


A collection of 345 demonic interstellar interlopers that call Fantom Opera their home.

Verified custodianship of one or more BitDaemons grants DaemonDAO membership.

Contract (FTMScan)



Collection Intro

BitDaemons are the genesis collection of the BitDaemon project team, borne of an idea to blur the line between handmade and generative NFT art by crafting a semi-generative collection like no other.


LuckyLuciano's custom-built Python generative code assembles BitDaemons from a library of 311 unique handmade assets across 14 categories, including 35 hyperdetailed handmade backgrounds created by ArcAyn. This ensured that each Daemon would be identifiably unique

BitDaemon Traits

Each BitDaemon belongs to one of five rarity tiers (common to rare):

Grunt (139/345 ~ 40%)
Fallen (93/345 ~ 27%)
Prophet (69/345 ~ 20%)
Overseer (30/345 ~ 9%)
Precursor (14/345 ~ 4.0%)

Grunts, Fallen, Prophets and Overseers are generative Daemons, classified by the aggregated rarity of their traits. Precursor Daemons are handmade.


The glyphs on the BitDaemon portals and the addition of stellar objects behind the portals indicate which rarity tier your BitDaemon belongs to. The portal colour schemes each represent one of seven Daemon homeworld biomes.